August 26, 2018

About OBM

Welcome to the OnlineBusinessMarketer!

The #1 Platform for Online Business Marketing in 2018!

The OnlineBusinessMarketer is Designed, Specifically with the Small-Business Owner, in mind.

The Aim of this Platform is to Provide a Hub for the Entrepreneur or the Small-Business Owner.

A Platform for Easily Accessible Information & Services. Everything a New or ‘struggling’ Business NEEDS to Grow, Adapt, Change, & Scale!

2018 Requires Speed, Efficiency & Adaptibility for a Business to Succeed.

About the Founder:

OBMThe OnlineBusinessMarketer Platform, was Designed by Eli Kababji.eli kababji onlinebusinessmarketer obm

Eli Kababji is the Founder & “Visionary” of The OnlineBusinessMarketer.

Born in a Family of Entrepreneurs & ‘hard-working’ Businessmen, Eli witnessed (much) Business-Success & (many) Business-Failures.

Through many of the Business-Failures, what was common was only when a Business didn’t adapt to Change, was it not able to thrive & succeed.

2018 is a year of innovation. A New-Era where Marketing requires Adaptation; adapting to the New Social-Channels & methods of Content-distribution.

This Platform, The OnlineBusinessMarketer¬†was created when a Notifiable ‘deficiency’ was noticed in the Small-Business Owner’s mentality…the “I can do it all myself’-mentality.

This is the Year of Automation, Innovation & Business-Growth.

"Think Different. Be Different. The OnlineBusinessMarketer."